This piece is in rebuttal to “How to Kill Bitcoin” by Joe Kelly, initially published July 8, 2020. The original piece can be read.

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One of the biggest problems Bitcoin faces on its path to mainstream worldwide adoption, and what’s argued by Joe Kelly, is the fact it could be theoretically banned and dominated by powerful world governments. However, this argument is flawed for multiple reasons, and as a resilient cryptocurrency, Bitcoin truly is “unstoppable code.”

Let’s start with a summary of Kelly’s argument. He concedes that Bitcoin is unstoppable code, and that you cannot stop Bitcoin by attempting to…

What is Binance Coin and Why is it Up 800% Since January?

As Cryptocurrencies and DeFi continues to boom, the main DeFi platform, Ethereum, has seen tremendous increases in fees, making the network almost unusable. In response, users have begun moving to rival platforms, such as the Binance Smart Chain, which offers high fees and low transactions, and is challenging Ethereum’s position as the DeFi king.

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Binance Coin, BNB, was created in 2017 by the centralized exchange Binance. Initially, they held an ICO for the ERC20 token. …

Right now, Ethereum is the king of smart contract platforms, with a market capitalization of over $200 billion. Cardano and Polkadot are second and third, with market capitalizations of $26 and $25 billion, respectively. These smart contract platforms, albeit significantly smaller in adoption, offer features far surpassing those of Ethereum, but this may not be enough to account for Ethereum’s first-mover advantage.

In 2014, Ethereum was released, and promised to be a next-generation blockchain capable of hosting decentralized applications. It was an instant hit, and since then has been the main smart contract platform, hosting nearly all of the ICOs…

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has launched its futures contracts for ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network. CME added Bitcoin futures in December 2017. Now, Ethereum futures are open for trading.

Tim McCourt, Managing Director at CME Group, talks with Bitpush News Editor in Chief Susan Feng on the reasons behind CME’s decision to launch Ethereum Futures.

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The transcript for the interview can be found below:

Bitpush: The first question. What is the reason behind CME’s decision to launch Ethereum Futures? Tim McCourt: That’s a great question. When we look at our product development at CME…

Pionex, a cryptocurrency exchange opened in 2019, sets themselves apart from their competitors, like Binance and Coinbase, in many ways. Bitpush spoke with Jeremy Peng, Co-Founder and Product VP of parent company BitUniverse, about their built-in trading bots, extremely competitive fees, and robust, multi-layered security system.

Pionex was established in 2019, and has been operating safely since its release, with no hacks or exploits. They are well regulated and have a Money Service Businesses license from FinCEN, a United States regulatory agency.

They aggregate liquidity from Binance and Huobi, effectively acting more as a broker than a standalone exchange, meaning…

Users are outraged at the stock trading app Robinhood due to their recent delisting of stocks such as GameStop, Nokia, and BlackBerry. As a result, some are hailing cryptocurrency and decentralized exchanges as a solution to this so-called “corruption” in traditional finance and Wall Street.

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Recently, there has been turmoil in the stock market. In early January, users of the subreddit r/WallStreetBets, a community created to discuss high-risk investing decisions, noticed that there was a massive opportunity to make money in GameStop. Redditors saw that hedge funds had been betting massive sums of money against GameStop, in an investing technique…

As Ethereum continues to grow in adoption and price, Aave has plans to make sure they are the primary DeFi protocol on the platform. Integrations Lead Marc Zeller told BitpushNews they plan to launch Aave on top of several layer 2 solutions in the coming weeks, are continuing to innovate with new ideas, and predict 20 million DeFi users by the end of 2021.

The liquidity protocol Aave was launched in 2017 under the name ETHLend, and was one of the first decentralized lending protocols on Etheruem. In 2020, they rebranded to “Aave,” which is the Finnish word for ghost…

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Assets under management (AUM) across all crypto ETPs has risen 95% since December to $35.96 billion, according to a recent report.

The Digital Asset Management Review report, by research firm CryptoCompare, says that the majority of AUM for ETPs is in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) — which increased its AUM by 93.7% in the past 30 days to $22.6 billion.

Crypto ETPs are useful for investors who want to expose themselves to cryptoassets, but don’t want to custody their own holdings. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is often used as an indicator of institutional interest in the crypto market.

After an impressive 72 hour rally, Ether’s price has crashed by as much as 7% over the past 24 hours, spelling trouble for ETH bulls.

At the time of writing ETH is trading at $1,318 and is down 4.31% despite finally breaking past its 2018 all-time high price of $1,428 yesterday. Three factors help explain the sudden and sharp correction.

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PC: Ethereum Price via CoinMarketCap

The depreciation in Ethereum’s value corresponds to a poor day for the top five DeFi assets with almost all of them trading down over the past 24-hours by at least three percent, data from Messari Research shows. UNI, AAVE, SNX…

Arxnovum Investments Inc. filed with the Ontario Securities Commission in Canada for the “Arxnovum Bitcoin ETF” on January 11, 2021. The New York-based, Winklevoss-owned Gemini Trust company will be the sub-custodian of the bitcoin held by the ETF. The sub-custodian is a trusted company qualified to custody the product’s assets held outside of Canada. The long-discussed bitcoin ETF, therefore, becomes the hot topic again.

Bitcoin ETFs are exchange-traded funds that track the value of Bitcoin and trade on traditional market exchanges rather than cryptocurrency exchanges. …

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