Chinese Blockchain Application NEO Joins Forces With The Nation’s Blockchain Services Network

Chinese blockchain application NEO is partnering with the Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN) to help push blockchain technology into the mainstream, according to an announcement on Tuesday, July 21.

China’s Blockchain-based Services Network launched in April with the goal of fostering the widespread and universal use of blockchain technology. The network created “public city nodes” which can be used by developers and businesses to purchase storage, bandwidth, and cloud resources measured in transactions-per-second. The system allows developers to run applications at a low cost and participants to access the dapps through a public city node gateway. By creating this network to deploy and operate dapps the BSN hopes to reduce development, operation, maintenance, and application management costs for developers, thus spurring innovation.

BSN is part of a larger movement fueled by the Party Central Committee to explore use-cases for blockchain technology. One example of a recent use of blockchain came earlier this month when a Chinese energy supplier successfully launched its first blockchain node through the State Grid Corporation of China. The nation is also trialing a digital yuan utilizing blockchain technology in the cities of Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong’An and Chengdu.

BSN has so far integrated with six public chains: Ethereum, Tezos, NEO, Nervos, EOS, and IRISnet. Starting August 10 developers will be able to run dapps using data storage and bandwidth supplied by the Network. Tuesday’s announcement published to NEO’s Medium page centered around pushing towards mainstream adoption of blockchain. It argued that high barriers to entry and fragmented developing experience are keeping blockchain from seeing more use.

It argues that BSN’s infrastructure will help ease these issues for developers and spur further innovation. Neo is the seventh public chain to integrate with BSN and once its nodes are added to the BSN portal developers will be able to choose any of the seven chains to build on.

“Blockchain adoption has accelerated dramatically within the past few years, and I’m excited to realize the smart economy of the future with the support from BSN,” founder of Neo, Da Hongfei, said. “At our core, Neo is fundamentally committed to realizing a platform-neutral and fully digitized world to overcome the limitations of our current paradigm.”

The announcement also teased the launch of BSN’s new international website which will provide information on the public city nodes and feature updates on the project.

By Emily Mason

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