DeFi Startup Furucombo Raises $1.85 Million In Seed Funding Round

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DeFi super aggregator Furucombo has raised $1.85 million in its seed round investing, according to a recent announcement.

Furucombo aims to act as a gateway for the masses to enter into the DeFi world by allowing end users to drag and drop various protocols onto a dashboard. The announcement states that the company has captured $200 million in trading volume and inspired over 800 DeFi strategies.

SevenX Ventures, Defiance Capital, 1kx, Multicoin Capital, DeFi Capital, BTC12 Capital, Stani Kulechov, Ronald Yu, are all among the investors which helped Furucombo hit this fundraising milestone.

The fund raised is set to fuel the exponential growth of Furucombo, the supper aggregator, and to strengthen the security layer of the ecosystem.

Emily Mason

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