ETHDenver 3/1 Day in Review

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3 min readMar 2, 2024

On one of the biggest days of ETHDenver, hundreds of events spread throughout the city about every topic in the crypto space, from investing to data availability to college meetups. In this post, we’ll recap the most important events and activities of the day at the United States’ largest Ethereum conference.

The main event, even more so than the main ETHDenver conference floor, was BASS, the Blockchain Application Stanford Summit. There, numerous founders and executives at top companies in the space, including Celestia, StarkWare, Aztec Network, and others spoke about their projects and their vision for the future of this technology. The event geared more towards technical topics and brought together many of crypto’s smartest minds.

Celestia and other companies in its ecosystem hosted events all day at Vibe Coffee and Wine, a cozy cafe bringing together investors, founders, and developers. Though there were no scheduled speakers, the event’s intimacy was enough to bring everyone together through networking and the potential for future partnerships.

The event with arguably the most promise and potential in one place was the College DAO University meetup and happy hour. There, students from dozens of different universities, all pursuing careers in the Web3 industry, networked with one another and sponsors to help propel their careers and, more importantly, make friends in the crypto space. University meetups are an underrated place to find information about what the next generation of builders and founders find interesting.

One of the most popular side events of the day was Arbitrum’s Shake Shack takeover. Indeed, the L2 rented out a Steak Shack restaurant for the entire day and gave anyone who entered a free burger, fries, and shake. Though the food was delcious, and a great break from the conference, the volume of people moving through the store in between events meant that there was always someone to talk to.

At night, the biggest party was hosted by Base, Royal, and Alchemy. With over 3,000 people signed up to attend, almost the entire conference converged on Riot House in downtown Denver to mingle, listen to crypto-native DJs, and unwind after a long day of conference-going. The event featured three well-known DJs in the cryptocurrency space to promote the concept of artist ownership through decentralized social media and NFTs. The line was over an hour long at some points, and the flow of people coming in and out remained constant throughout the night.

Numerous other notable events today, including a Putt-Putt happy hour hosted by the Solana Foundation and an after-party from OnePiece labs.

This is one of the more side event-oriented days of the conference, as most companies made their notable announcements on the first day when everyone was still getting acquainted to the conference and the available activities. Today, Saturday, will be more of the same, with one of the main side events hosted by Blockchain at Berkeley and featuring more top-notch speakers associated with the organization.

The third official day of ETHDenver was notably marked with more recreational activities and the chance to meet new people in similar industries through themed happy hours and meetups. As the week winds on, participants begin to tire of the networking and other job-related tasks, so these side events offer a nice break into more entertaining activities whill still promoting the overall growth and development of the blockchain space.

By Lincoln Murr

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