Is ETHDenver Worth Attending? Conference Wrap-Up

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4 min readMar 7, 2024

A few days after the official end of ETHDenver, the largest Ethereum conference in the United States, it is time to reflect on the opportunities, activities, and events. Though it may not be worth going for everyone, conferences are an incredible opportunity to dive deeper into crypto, network with potential investors, and find a career in Web3.

ETHDenver started with a “BUIDL week” starting on February 23rd, where developers and hackers worldwide came to Denver, Colorado, to hack, build, and learn about new projects. During this time, the primary audience of the conference is developers and builders — those who enjoy following the blockchain space simply as enthusiasts and are not incredibly profit-motivated. In some sense, this group is the most refreshing to be around, as their activity in blockchain has very little to do with price movement. Additionally, as true enthusiasts, they typically spot new trends and cycles early, being among the first adopters to try out and build with new technology and paradigms.

The actual conference started on February 29th, which was when the majority of events and activities kicked off. Over 3,000 industry leaders came together to learn from one another, network, and host events to share exciting developments from their companies. For novices looking to explore the cryptocurrency industry deeper, this is the best time to join the conference. With friendly faces in all sorts of positions and departments — marketing, logistics, development, and more — there’s something for everyone. The process of learning in a conference environment can be incredibly intimidating. Still, it is a “trial by fire” that ultimately leaves beginners feeling more confident about the direction and terminology of the space, as well as having connections to experts and mentors to help with the learning process.

For people looking for jobs or internships, conferences are the best way to break into the space and find somewhere to work. If you go into ETHDenver, or any crypto conference for that matter, with the goal of networking and solely finding a job, you will more likely than not leave with several job offers, especially if the market is good. Developers will have the best luck — everyone is always looking for more developers to help them with their companies or try using their new tools and development environments.

For company founders, ETHDenver also offers numerous founder-focused events to make a connection with companies that could become future potential partners. This year, ETHDenver was filled with investors, primarily venture capital, looking for new projects in various industries, including infrastructure, AI, and DeFi. Every year at conferences, tens of millions of dollars in deals are initiated based on introductions made at conferences. Generally, conferences become more fun and lavish with more investors during bull markets but more useful and builder-oriented during bear markets.

Along with all of these intangible benefits from conferences, the entire week is filled with free food, happy hours, and speaking events from some of the smartest people in blockchain.ETHDenver is one of the few conferences that does not charge for a ticket, which causes a unique and diverse population of people to be there. This, along with sponsorships available to developers and cheap lodging, means it’s possible to come out of ETHDenver having spent very little money other than travel, and it may be possible to come out positive depending on how much you take advantage of the free food and drinks.

For most founders, developers, and general enthusiasts, ETHDenver and other conferences are a must-do experience at least once. It’s the best place to get a pulse on the industry while spending little money. Developers and novices can find a job or internship from a top company that they otherwise would not be able to connect with, and founders can network, partner, and find investors who will bring their company valuation up millions of dollars.

By Lincoln Murr

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