Looking For The Next 100x Coin? Bitpush Terminal, One Stop Workstation of Crypto Data and News Officially Launched!

The crypto market is changing rapidly. In the era of information explosion, there are always many news or events that can immediately attract everyone’s attention, occupying the headlines of various applications, and flooding your screen, a few words of news can trigger the “butterfly effect.”

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Bitpush Terminal (bitpushterminal.com), a one-stop platform for cryptocurrency data and information, committing to providing users with fast, accurate, and reliable data and news, providing a full range of support for the cryptocurrency traders and market analysts, and helping investors turn information into opportunities and decisions. Our terminal will become the most trustworthy partner in your crypto investment journey.

Real-time Prices + News On Charts

Bitpush Terminal supports Windows/Mac system, price data comes from more than 200 global main exchanges, has popular categories such as DeFi and NFT, and provides 7*24 real-time data for thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Dozens of popular commands are directly shown on the terminal homepage, allowing you to quickly view the market trends of all tokens, the top 100 cryptocurrencies in market cap, DeFi tokens, NFT tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction information, hot news, etc.

Each fluctuation of the token price is accompanied by massive market news. In order to display trends and market sentiment more intuitively, Bitpush Terminal has gathered information about crypto media in both Chinese and English, the official website or social media of projects. The most innovative feature is: presenting cryptocurrency news on price charts, helping users to analyze market behavior more visually. (Pictured below shown by the green bubbles)

The news bubble chart allows users to track and locate the influence of relevant news based on price changes, as well as make their own analysis and predictions of future price trends by analyzing the correlation between news and prices. Users can switch to the news content of interest with one click, browse the content in the terminal without jumping to other websites.

VIP users can subscribe to news alerts, such as “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum” and other keywords. The desktop notification will pop up the latest relevant news, users can learn about the latest information the first time.

Crypto WIKI

Interested in some protocols? Trivial information and unfamiliar terms are no longer obstacles to your investment. A built-in “Crypto Wikipedia” provides the most comprehensive information about projects, exchanges, people, and key participants. You can search and learn it through the search bar.

Asset Portfolio

Bitpush Terminal provides a personal asset portfolio feature that allows users to easily manage their investments in cryptocurrencies. While grasping currency fluctuations, you can clearly monitor every asset in your wallet. All records can be exported and backed up so that you can easily manage crypto investments and make the best buying and selling decisions.

Chat / Communication

Bitpush Terminal implements the community spirit in the crypto field. Users can connect with any online user, chat and share investment experience. The AI robot function is also embedded in the terminal. Enter the keyword of the question, it will automatically reply to the answer you want.


Looking forward to the future, Bitpush Terminal will launch more professional functions, including market indicator analysis, technical charts, VIP subscriptions, and more.

Download Bitpush terminal (https://bitpushterminal.com) now and start your extraordinary crypto journey!



New York-based blockchain media company covering everything crypto. Check us out at https://en.bitpush.news

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New York-based blockchain media company covering everything crypto. Check us out at https://en.bitpush.news